Ape Malaysia
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For a minimum contribution of $1,000 approximately 130 saplings will be planted and maintained for 2-3 years with all its associated costs taken into consideration.  This also includes tree-growth and wildlife presence monitoring activities that will take place as the saplings grow into large trees and the generation of conducive living spaces for returning wildlife.  Your contribution will not just pay for the sapling itself but also the manpower to plant them, logistical costs of the boats and vehicles to ferry tools, equipment and labor to and from the village to the planting sites and nurseries, the maintenance work over the years of it growing up into young trees, as well as close monitoring of how well the trees grow and documenting of the wildlife that start using the restored sites. 130 saplings will cover roughly ¼ of an acre of forest land, habitat to many tropical rainforest species.  APE Malaysia has an average sapling survival rate of 75%.  

To make a donation by check:

Make Payable to Kansas City Zoo Attn: Project CREATE

6800 Zoo Drive

Kansas City, MO 64132



Having trouble? Contact Richard Wells at 816-595-1217