When Science Attacks 6th-8th Th am 10:30-12

When Science Attacks 6th-8th Th am 10:30-12
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Birthdate must be between 8/30/2004 and 1/5/2010
6800 Zoo Drive
Kansas City, MO 64132, US
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This semester our older students will be able to participate in a service-learning project at the KC Zoo.  

The service learning project will be completed in class in the form of stages throughout the semester.

The stages include: Investigation, Planning and Preparation, Implementing the Service Activity, Reflection, and Demonstration/Celebration.


Stage Descriptions:

1.       Investigation – Teachers and students investigate the problems that they might potentially address through research and mapping activities.

2.       Planning and Preparation – Teachers, students, and staff members plan the learning and service activities, and address the administrative issues needed for a successful project.

3.       Action – The “heart” of the project: engaging in the meaningful service experience that will help students develop important knowledge, skills, and attitudes, and will benefit the community.

4.       Reflection – Activities that help students understand the service-learning experience and to think about its meaning and connection to them, their society, and what they have learned in class.

5.       Demonstration/Celebration – The final experience when students, community participants and others publicly share what they have learned, celebrate the results of the service project, and look ahead to the future.


It is critical that students attend each class session in order to take full ownership of their service-learning project and assist their fellow classmates in completing the project.


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$61.20 per Registration
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There is no refund on semester pricing. Cancellations should be called in to 816.595.1765.